Service of Lament

Welcome to a very special Service of Lament in the wake of the tragic murder of George Floyd. Leaders from across our community came together to offer reflections, prayers, songs, poems and a spoken word to remember the life of George Floyd and the need for change in our community.

Here are some specific moments to mark:

0:00 - Statement of the Occasion | Pastor Laurel Bunker
6:29 - Why This Moment Matters | President Jay Barnes
12:56 - Honoring the Life of George Floyd | Dr. Claudia May
24:34 - Prayer | Dr. Cristina Plaza Ruiz
26:34 - Spoken Word | Anderby Fortuna
28:54 - Psalm of Lament: Psalm 17 | Pang Moua
32:11 - Prayer | Dr. Debra K. Harless
34:09 - Statement of Lament | Members of the Bethel Community
35:56 - Poem | Dr. Ruben Rivera
38:57 - Closing Prayer | Dr. William Washington
42:11 - Closing Reflection | Pastor Laurel Bunker
(Unfortunately, due to licensing, we were not able to include the wonderful songs that were shared by faculty, alumni and current students.)