In this two-part series, we are looking at the engagement of faith and politics. In part one we hear a conversation between Pastors Laurel Bunker and ...View Details

Welcome to a special MEA Chapel! Pastor Laurel Bunker brings a dynamic message about God's love. Enjoy!

Pastor Laurel Bunker wraps up the Kingdom Come series. Enjoy!

Ben Pierce, international evangelist and podcaster with Steiger International, came back to Bethel with a powerful message about how to engage the glo...View Details

Heather Flies is a Bethel alumna and 20+ year middle school youth pastor! She is one of the most passionate and exciting chapel speakers we will have ...View Details

The beginning of new series for two weeks of chapel! Pastor Jason dives into the idea of what it means for heaven to be the place of perfection, matur...View Details

Thanks for joining us for this special Alumnus of the Year chapel. Pastor Laurel sits down with Dan Lindh to talk about the health care and senior car...View Details

It's Homecoming Week at Bethel! To get the week started we have a special guest...former seminary Alumnus of the Year, Nick Hall! Nick is the founder ...View Details

Enjoy the concluding service to our series called The New Abnormal. United Worship and the CFCR team prepared a time of worship and prayer for our com...View Details

In today's episode of The New Abnormal, Pastor Matt Runion asks us to look inside ourselves at the ways we are stepping into liminal space. He asks us...View Details

As a follow-up to his chapel message, Pastor Jason connects with Dr. Krish Kandiah to talk about how Krish came to be passionate about helping vulnera...View Details

Happy Monday Morning Everyone! Today we were blessed to connect with Krish Kandiah, who came to us live from London, England. Krish is an internationa...View Details

It's Friday! As we try to do on most Fridays, this episode is a time of worship and prayer as we focused on the unwavering and unfailing love of God. ...View Details

Welcome to part 2 of our chapel series on The New Abnormal. Pastor Laurel Bunker helps us navigate this in-between time by reflecting on Jeremiah 29:4...View Details

In part 1 of this new series, Pastor Jason talks about living in the midst of liminal spaces and how God has operated throughout history in the messy ...View Details

In part 2 of A Fond Farewell, we honor the presidency of Jay Barnes and the legacy he and Barb have left at Bethel. Heather Flies gives a powerful ref...View Details

In part one of our fond farewell to President Jay Barnes, we get to hear a powerful message from Jay himself. Enjoy the best of President Jay Barnes!

This is our first Compline Prayer! Pastor Laurel Bunker introduces a new weekly opportunity for you to connect with the Bethel community for a time of...View Details

Thank you for joining us for part 2 of this series on Psalm 91. Pastor Laurel dives into the final 8 verses of this impactful and dynamic passage. Enj...View Details

Thank you for joining us for CHAPEL! We are back. Pastor Laurel Bunker is launching our new chapel season with a short series on Psalm 91 called, God ...View Details

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